Making it work by combining theory and practice

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Strategi værktøjer fra Vinderstrategi A/S

During cooperation with Vinderstrategi A/S, companies have full access to our entire set of tools. Vinderstrategi A/S uses a variety of tools which are including in the strategic work and which combine theory and practice. We know from experience that each of them add value.

The tools include both internally developed and classical tools. All of the tools contribute to the overall strategy model used by Vinderstrategi A/S.

The optimal set of tools to use in the strategy process in a particular company depends on the strategic situation of the company. The strategy process is therefore always tailored and the tools are chosen carefully.

All tools serves different purposes in the elements of “The Structure of Strategy – the red thread” from the bestseller book “Strategy in Winning Companies”, co-authored by Mikael Vest, Vinderstrategi A/S.

Furthermore are the tools developed so that they ensure traceability in the strategic work.

The list below shows a small outline of what the tools contain:

  • One-pager strategy overview
  • Mapping of competitors and competition parameters
  • Evaluating the attractiveness of the industry and earning potential
  • Identifying core competences
  • Evaluation of the organisations activities and value creation
  • Specification of owners preferences
  • Limiting the organisations business area
  • Developing the level of ambition in the organisation
  • Positioning and differentiation in the market
  • Follow-up and guidance of Must-win Battles