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Strategiforedrag og strategiseminarer

Strategy guest speaking

Put focus on strategy with guest speaking that moves boundaries – more than 10.000 leaders has already been inspired by lectures and seminars.

The “Strategy in winning companies” talk

You are taken on a journey in the world of strategy, based on the bestselling book “Strategy in Winning Companies”. Meet strategic adviser, partner and author Mikael Vest – one of Denmark´s most popular inspirational speakers within the field of strategy.

Ambitious companies know that one can always improve and no one is perfect. The crucial in their strategy work is “to do something”. Strategy is not something that winning companies store in a binder but rather something that the management and employees execute in practice. When Mikael Vest, strategic adviser, member and chairman of a number of board of directors, gives lectures you will be taken on a journey into the world of strategy, where you for example will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is strategy?
  • When do we have a Winning Strategy®?
  • What is a Winning Company®?
  • How is structure and overview created when working with strategy?
  • What characterizes a good strategy development in the company?
  • What do we do about the tendency to become egocentric?
  • What have a number of existing companies done to become winning companies?

And after the journey…

You will be sharper in your strategic work and you will have a better overview, inspiration and tools for the strategic work. Further more you will experience that you are better equipped for strategy discussions and thereby to create more value in your company. You will experience that our cases, exercises and challenges are based on the everyday organizational life and that you can use your obtained insights and tools immediately after the lecture.

Interested? Please contact Vinderstrategy A/S to hear more about the talk on “Strategy in winning companies”.

A survey conducted in November 2011 among the 300 participants at three talks given by Vinderstrategi A/S found that over 2/3 of the participants were “very satisfied” and that the remaining participants were “satisfied”.

Comments from the participants included:

  • “Great energy level!”
  • “Refreshing, energetic and not boring. Was able to communicate the message.”
  • Thank you for a good talk at the meeting in Svendborg. It was clear and precise, and to the point. It is one of the very best talks I have heard about this interesting topic”.

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The “Road to Winning Boards” talk

It is not just having a board, but the way in which the board operates that contributes to making a company a Winning Company®.

Ambitious companies know that they can improve and that no one is perfect. That goes for boards as well as for companies. For ambitious companies, the most important aspects are therefore development, execution and achievement.

Meet strategic advisor and professional board member Mikael Vest – one of Denmark’s most popular inspirational speakers on boards, strategy and best management practices.

The talk is based on extensive experience from being an active member on company boards and on the great strengths and opportunities that can arise from taking a new approach to the work of the board.

Mikael Vest is part of Vinderstrategi A/S and, like the company as a whole, he focuses on facilitating the spread and development of professional boards. The term “professional board” is used with increasing frequency in the media as well as among top management and board members. Despite this development, few have a clear idea of what it means for a board to be professional.

At Vinderstrategi A/S, we are proud of taking board professionalism seriously and during the seminar we tell you what it means to us by answering the following questions:

  • What is a board – what does it take for it to be “professional”?
  • How do we put together the right board?
  • What are the most important responsibilities of the board?
  • How can the board take responsibility for the strategy of the company?
  • Which tools enable the board to create value?
  • What are the most important reasons to establish a professional board?

After the seminar…

You will have an overview of, inspiration and tools for future board work – and hopefully a lot to think about.

In addition, you will be better equipped to participate in boardroom discussions and thereby create value for your company.

Contact Vinderstrategi A/S to learn more about “the Road to Winning Boards” talk.

It is important that the seminars are tailored to the current situation of the company or to other parts of the program, if it is part of a conference. We are therefore happy to meet up with the organizers beforehand and/or be present for the other parts of the program.

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