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References concerning strategy processes, including strategy and business plans

CEO, Jørgen Stensgaard, Waoo A/S

Waoo A/S is Denmark’s leading provider of internet, television and telephony via the fibre network. Behind Waoo A/S are some of the country’s largest local energy companies that have merged to bring the ultimate digital solution for their customers. Waoo A/S uses the latest fibre network technology, giving customers the fastest fibre broadband, television and telephony; and for the seventh consecutive year it has been voted as supplier of Denmark’s best internet. Waoo has its headquarters in Tilst, near Aarhus, and it cooperates with local partners throughout the country.

We should start with what we considered to be a major upheaval in relation to the  upcoming strategy and we chose Vinderstrategi A/S due to their good concept, recommendations and extensive experience in complex ownership structure.

Right from the start, we felt a great professionalism from Vinderstrategi A/S, a presence and understanding of our situation .   

Vinderstrategi A/S has, in a short time, shown that they understand our business, although, it is a bit complex. At the same time ,we have developed an informal cooperation, where we can say things as they are, keep focus on the task, but at the same time have fun. 

An unprecedented structure of our strategy work has been put in place, so the future implementation of the strategy also is brought to life. It has been an intense, but amazingly structured and efficient process in which Vinderstrategi A/S’s great experience, knowledge and insight have come into play. At the meetings, we have been challenged and have always been able to see the purpose of the process. We have felt safe all the way and are sure that Vinderstrategi A/S can contribute positively to challenging our business also in the future. 

I had great expectations to Vinderstrategi A/S and they delivered the service and indeed above expectations. The program was strong and focused so we always focused on the most important, and at the end of the day we came to terms with today’s tasks, even though, there were some detours during the day. It was managed and facilitated very well 

If we look at the options the strategy opens for us and the internal changes that lie ahead, the money we have spent on getting facilitated strategy work will be quickly earned again!

General Manager, Mikael Kristensen, Euro Poultry A/S

Euro Poultry A/S is a Danish wholesale retailer of processed poultry— both raw, heated and convenience. The suppliers are 40 of the world’s leading producers of poultry from 10 different countries, and the customers are both retailers and catering—and within the foodservice industry. Euro Poultry A/S’ range spans widely from raw conventional cuts to processed organic products that are tailored to the customer’s needs. A common feature characterises all Euro Poultry A/S products: control and quality in taste, hygiene, focus on animal welfare and production. The products are sold under different brands such as Wing’it, Top Table and Chefs Club.

We chose Vinderstrategi A/S because they, with the execution part, fulfils the scope of the task, so that we do not solely have a strategy but also the tools for the further process. The total process is not only professional to the smallest detail, but the precision in terms of the output is exceptional! Today, we have a common frame of reference inside the management team, which is well-processed based on a concentrated effort and, which sets the foundation for the strategic work the coming 12 quarters—that is, in itself, quite impressive! 

I had big expectations for the strategy work, but despite of big expectations, they were surpassed, without doubt. I got exactly what I had wished for. You have to be prepared for hard work. The strategy process is very involving. We were challenged, which forced us to think in new ways than the once we are used to. It is great to experience how all the pieces are put in place to form a meaningful and sustainable strategy. It is, especially, great that we have to be present all the time and are directed into dialogues that are necessary to have.  

The model, which sets the structure of the strategy, is absolutely superb to work within all ways it is an incredibly thorough setup—it is a fantastic way to work! 

The cooperation with Vinderstrategi A/S is based on a great chemistry, professionalism, seriousness and thoroughness. They are always well-prepared, great at understanding our business and the industry. The efficiency of the cooperation is very impressive! 

As a manager and owner of the company, I fell comfortable. Vinderstrategi A/S contributes in terms of so many parameters, which only makes that part worth the money.  It is very rewarding and I am sure that our ROI is relatively short, so we have already talked about involving Vinderstrategi A/S again. I have also recommended Vinderstrategi A/S to others—perhaps, I can be called a mini ambassador :-)

CEO, Jens Jørgen Madsen, Hedensted Gruppen A/S

Today, Hedensted Gruppen A/S is one of the largest suppliers of products and services within the fur farming industry, both nationally and internationally.  Hedensted Gruppen A/S was founded in 1971 and is a family owned company, which, today, also includes production companies in Poland as well as an extensive retail network. Hedensted Gruppen A/S is characterised by the following five values: Focus on Goals, Progress, Engagement, Comparison and Credibility. These are values that ​​make Hedensted Gruppen A/S the customer’s first choice of collaborator. 

We chose Vinderstrategi A/S because we wanted a facilitator who could give us height, input, depth and structure, and where we could be very active in the strategy process. It is us who must implement the strategy, so it is essential that we can defend the strategy 100 percent, and we are looking forward to getting started. 

 It is a very thorough process in which all our ‘sore toes’ appear so we have discussed facts and not just something that we believe. The ability in terms of  getting the participants to keep speed and focus was absolutely in the top. The ability to immerse themselves in the industry and the individual content was extraordinary. 

 It has been the best strategy process we have ever been through. When we received the offer from Vinderstrategi A/S, we found that Vinderstrategi A/S was far too expensive, but after we have gone through the process, Vinderstrategi A/S has been inexpensive in comparison to the output, and it will move our business!

CEO, Jan Berthel, Alumeco A/S

Alumeco is an international trading company founded in 1983 headquartered in Odense, Denmark. Alumeco produces and sells a wide range of aluminum profiles, special profiles, rods, pipes, plates and coils. The company also has its own service center for sawing of plates and profiles together with foil paving. As a global supplier and collaborator, Alumeco has a wide-ranging international interface and a number of subsidiaries in Europe, North America and China and the company employs more than 700 employees. 

With precision and focus, Vinderstrategi A/S has managed to reconcile strategic innovation with our DNA. We have received an Alumeco Group-vinderstrategi® that works!

CEO, Morten Studsgaard, Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard A/S

Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard A/S is a transport and freight forwarding company, based on Bornholm, focusing on its customers’ wishes and needs for high capacity and flexibility as well as safe storage, handling and transportation of goods. BHS Logistics ensures that tits customers’ needs are met. It creates value through profound and specialised knowledge as well as experiences gathered over many years. Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard A/S operates throughout Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe, and it has about 200 employees employed at its departments in Denmark. 

A satisfied customer usually comes back and we can only recommend Vinderstrategi 
A/S to others who need professional strategic sparring.

We have not previously used external assistance in our strategy work, as we have been sceptical of whether a consultant can do the extra that is needed to create value – however, we have experienced it in this case!  

We have had a very great and committed cooperation throughout the strategy process with great and professional sparring. The process has been great and efficient – and highly structured with great systems and tools for the further work.  

We have produced a great product where the employees are involved in the further process. Vinderstrategi A/S’ work more than fulfilled our expectations!

CEO, Ulrik Ernst Rasmussen, Orifam Generics A/S

Orifam Group is an ambitious actor within the European market of pharmaceuticals. Orifam Group’s ambition is to supply pharmaceuticals of high quality to a low price. In other words, Orifam Group offers consumers and society more health care for the money! Orifarm is involved in two business areas: Orifarm A/S is the name of their parallel import business and Orifarm Generics A/S is the name of the business with generics. Orifam Generics A/S has agreements with several producers of pharmaceuticals and through these partnerships a wide range of generic products are marketed and sold in the Nordic markets.  

I had (in advance) a worry in terms of limited industry knowledge/understanding, but it turned out to be unjustified! Our process was not defined 100 percent from the beginning, but through a practical, constructive and flexible approach and great dialogue, the right format was found.  

 A strong service in a strategic context, in which there was a great understanding of when it made sense to challenge and  hold back. Vinderstrategi A/S ensures a smooth cooperation and proactive management of the process and deadlines. Reporting and documentation have been very efficient.  

 The result has provided us with a more long-term and structured strategic focus for the company. Vinderstrategi A/S helped us to collect the pieces and set a further direction. A very positive acquaintance that has definitely created value.”

Managing Director, Wayne Thomas, Gemco Equipment Ltd

GEMCO is the largest garage equipment sales and service company in the UK, offering a total one-stop-shop solution for all its customers. From workshop layout drawings to civil works to installation and after-sales services, the company can truly assist customers’ every requirement. No project is too big or too small and GEMCO assist customers with the approval process and advise of current legislations. GEMCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stenhøj and the largest global distributor. GEMCO delivers the entire Stenhøj programme alongside other leading garage equipment brands. Focus is always, and has always been, on the customer regardless of whether it’s a one-off purchase of one piece of equipment or an entire large workshop project. GEMCO’s strong market position is a result of dealing with distributors and national accounts.   

Gemco Equipment Ltd had been experiencing changes in the market place and whilst having a five year plan were focussing on day to day business, rather than how to achieve our long term goal and it was recognised that we needed assistance with this. 

 The honest reason for using Vinderstrategi A/S was because we had previously used them in other Group company’s and they came with a positive proven track record. 

 After the first day it was clear that we didn’t have the plans  in place for future success and over the three days it truly focussed our minds as a management team, to end up with a framework to achieve our end goal.  

 Whilst realising that nothing will change unless we make it happen we ended up with a solid strategy and clear vision/mission supported by some strong must win battles and a lot of strategic points with a defined path and time lines to make it happen. 

 Any initial doubts I may have had about using Vinderstrategi A/S disappeared at the start of the process and I would strongly recommend using them to any company who want to succeed.

CEO, Preben Wegener Friis, Dansk mode & Textil

Dansk Mode & Textil has been the industry’s natural focal point since 1895, and today it is a modern industry and employers’ organisation with insight into the members’ everyday lives and the challenges the industry faces.  Dansk Mode & Textil is known as the fashion and textile industry’s stable and innovative partner that supports the entire industry with analysis, events, education, projects, networking and political work. Dansk Mode & Textil represents more than 375 companies and it helps the individual company to handle the daily challenges as well as it collaborates widely with the entire industry in major initiatives and projects. 

Vinderstrategi A/S managed a major strategy process for the Board of Dansk Mode & Textil // Dansk Fashion & Textile. A complex task in the fashion and textile industry, where our Board consists of powerful characters with mixed opinions and strong dedication. Mikael Vest provided a rare mix of two equally important ingredients in the strategy process. 

The first ingredient was a very structured and theoretically well founded approach, making it clear from the beginning exactly how the strategy and change management process would take place. The second ingredient was a very dynamic and flexible attitude, where Mikael was constantly listening to the needs and wants from the Management and the Board. 

 We experienced a professional and tailor-made approach, making sure that we ended up with the right vision, mission, strategy and future financial and strategic targets.  

Mikael constantly kept focus on the process and the target – and he had the power to make us restructure, concentrate, deselect and prioritise our energy. Mikael deserved our best recommendations for both his personal and operational skills. Pick Mikael if you want structure, energy, focus, laughter and necessary pain.” 

CEO – Søren Madsen – Stenhøj A/S

STENHØJ Gruppen is a Danish owned company located in Jutland, Denmark. STENHØJ was founded in 1917 and has since specialized themselves in 3 related business areas: lifts, compressors and hydraulic presses. A fourth business area, being service, was added in 1993. STENHØJ is firstly a group of people with compassion, ideas and visions. In other words the company’s personnel plays an important role in upholding the general quality level. They have developed a team of highly qualified employees, who posses commitment, creativity and knowledge necessary to reach the high level of expertise, which the company strives for. STENHØJ products are distributed through single-distributors worldwide. The 3 most important product groups are manufactured by each of the STENHØJ companies, and the most important target group is the automotive industry.

“In Stenhøj Autolift A/S we had reached a phase of development in the company where it had become necessary to take a deep breath and consider how we should proceed in the best way. The company was in the middle of a period of rapid growth with many new customers benefiting from new developments – it was a very exciting phase in the history of the company. Unfortunately, profits did not keep pace with the increase in customers and new markets. It was time to consider which path to take and reflect on the core of the company. Mikael Vest was found and already during the first meetings it became clear that we got along very well and Mikael managed to trigger my interests with some challenges, so that we chose to launch a strategy effort in Stenhøj Autolift A/S. We agreed with Mikael that he would be the coordinator of the management team and after relatively few meetings, we were able to arrive at a strategic foundation for the future of the company. I was personally very motivated by Mikael’s approach and ability to ask obvious and critical questions without causing too much conflict. It was possible to relatively quickly identify the key areas to work on and summarize the strategic intentions of the company on a single sheet of paper. Never having seen a hundreds of hours long strategy process condensed to what would fit on one sheet of paper, I was somewhat nervous when I presented it to the board. It was therefore very satisfying to have several members of the professional board of directors praise the company for the good work and for the concise nature of the summary. Both the management team and I have gone through a challenging period working with Mikael, but it has also been a very motivating and exciting period. I can highly recommend Mikael, with his positive approach and motivating input, to other companies in similar circumstances.”

President Region Denmark, USA, India and Wind Power Industries/Group Vice President – Erik Holst – PMC Group AB

PMC is the leading provider of hydraulic solutions for industry in the Nordics. The Group’s know-how also extends to electro mechanics, lubrication and pneumatics. Such unique competences enable PMC to offer customers complete solutions. Many of the Group’s customers operate on a global market and have a presence outside the Nordics. The Group operates on a borderless basis, closely following its customers’ footsteps around the world. PMC is their global partner. By partnering with global leaders, PMC has built unique competence in a number of application areas. The Group is endeavoring to establish global leadership in these niches.

“IN OMC Group AB we went through a strategic development in 2011 on corporate level. The aim of one of the 3 growth strategies was “Nordic Leadership” in the business area of hydraulic solutions. As head of the companies in Denmark, India and the US and for the global wind-turbine market, it was my assignment among other things to plan for the development in the Danish market. With my experience I found it natural facilitating this process in collaboration with head of the division and the head of the Danish market. It turned out to be very difficult for me to make the time for this, due to the work with the international expansion as well as handling of the crisis with some of our bigger global customers. I met Mikael Vest through the networking events by ASNET Board, and was impressed by the direct and precise presentation of a strategy execution. After a short meeting I decided to introduce Vinderstrategi A/S to the head of division and his sales manager in the Danish market. This lead us to engage Vinderstrategi A/S in the strategy process for developing the Danish market. Sanne Markwall, Vinderstrategi A/S, was the person in charge of the daily collaboration. Due to the situation, with relevant cuts in my organisation, it became a difficult task which she and Mikael solved in a very diplomatic and competent way. We managed to complete an analysis which both internally and externally provided new knowledge and forced us to a new recognition of the consequences of existing knowledge. We also manage to plan for the future by establishing a new vision and a future basis of work for the division. At this time Vinderstrategi A/S gave us a very convincing presentation of the situation for the total management group in the company. It was clear that on a short term it was not long-term development plans that was needed, but instead removing a line of red traffic lights that was blocking the way. This was, among other things, because the organisation behind the Danish sale has 2 different cultures, which was not integrated after a merger in the beginning of 2011. We have started this process ourselves and are at the moment in the middle of executing a 3-months battle, which must be won. The analysis and the recognitions which Vinderstrategi A/S has helped us see, is of great value for our planning and for the commitment we have established, concerning the improvement of our work. Later we will move along with actual market strategies and the implementation of these. It is then my plan to once again include Vinderstrategi A/S, just as we have a relevant task of supporting one of my divisions in its strategic development. I can warmly recommend Vinderstrategi A/S to offer support to the strategic planning and implementation. It is strategies that work.”

CCO – Thomas Klausen – Tytex A/S

Tytex A/S is a world leading company in the business of developing, producing and selling textiles for special medical needs ranging from post-op care to incontinence and maternity care. Tytex A/S products are developed to make the lives of their users safer and easier. They partner with distributors and with healthcare companies interested in private label products.

“I have during the past 2 years had the pleasure of working with Vinderstrategi A/S and Mikael Vest. My first experience was a very well developed process for Dansk Mode og Tekstil (Danish fashion and textile), where I, as board member, was granted insight in the professionalism as Mikael Vest possessed. We where literally walked through the entire process with a high level of competency. Mikael managed to get a trade association with very different members to understand the importance of an aligned strategy. In the light of this very positive collaboration, we at Tytex A/S agreed on using Vinderstrategi A/S and Mikael Vest in our own strategic development. Mikaels winning personality in combination with a very sharp understanding for organizational issues and a toolbox with the right tools, made it possible to complete the process fast and with great satisfaction. Mikael is willing to take the discussions with management and discuss issues extensively to ensure that everybody is aligned and that all aspects of the given issues are discussed. This consistency is, from my point of view, a great asset which will contribute to a longer lasting strategy. On the basis of two very positive experiences I can warmly recommend Mikael Vest and Vinderstrategi A/S.”

Trade association Director – Michael Husfeldt – Dansk Maskinhandlerforening

Dansk Maskinhandlerforening is the official Trade and employer association for Danish agricultural machinery businesses operating in Denmark. The association has 137 business members and a total of 198 places of sale all over the country. In 2012 members produced sales of approximately 8,6 billions dkk divided on both new and used agricultural machinery. Dansk Maskinhandlerforening is partly working on improving industry practices and partly ensuring members interests and rights through insurances, IT-solutions, business and market law, education, business counseling, work environment and procurements.

“Dansk Maskinhandlerforening, who is the Trade and employer association for Danish agricultural machinery businesses operating in Denmark, decided in 2012 to start the work of a industry report, an analysis of the industry towards 2020. In relation to this we chose to begin the collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S in order to gain help with the process of making the report. Mikael Vest and his team at Vinderstrategi A/S have contributed with significant ideas and tools for the completed report. Vinderstrategi A/S has through the process quickly learned insights into the industry and has build trustworthy relationships to the members they have had collaborations with during the process. Today we have a finished industry report “Maskinhandleren i år 2020”, which has been received very positively from our members and industry stakeholders. We have afterwards started industry collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S regarding a course offering in strategy development, for our members. Here we have now gone through the first 4 courses, and the feedback from participants has been especially positive, as they can use the knowledge and tools instantly. Vinderstrategi A/S has with their commitment and abilities to work with our business leaders contributed to the understanding of our industry and field in terms of the change process which we are going through towards 2020.”

Partner and lawyer – Rune Hyllested – STORM advokatfirma I/S

At STORM Advokatfirma we have a clear idea of how we would like to be perceived by our clients, and how we would not like to be perceived. We have experienced lawyers in 5 different fields, with 100% expertise in their specific field. They are prepared to go all the way to ensure the best possible result.

“In relation to growth in our company we were aware that we needed a professional executed strategy process, where the strategy of the company was determined. We chose to offer the assignment publicly and discussed the different possible collaborators. We chose VInderstrategi A/S, as we sensed that they would be able to give us the qualified discussions and challenges that we needed. We have experienced the collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S as highly constructive, and in this relation we would like to mention the very systematic process VInderstrategi A/S applies in connections to implementation of the strategy process. Vinderstrategi A/S has managed to sharpen the view on the relevant factors for us, as a growth company. After the implementation of the strategy process we are now left with a clear definition of our vision, mission and values, as well as we have a list of factors for immediate implementation in our company. It is our expectation that the collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S is one of the cornerstones in Storm Advokatfirmas future development. We can recommend Vinderstrategi A/S to other companies who are willing to use the necessary resources and who has an open mind in order to ”rock the boat”.

CEO – Lars Stockbæk Kristiansen – HEDEN Maskinforretning A/S

Else and Kai Kristiansen founded the company in 1962 on a small agriculture ground in a small city named Heden on Fyn, Denmark. It was a small start up but with great optimism and hard work and dedicated employees. Kai and Else managed to develop Heden Maskinforretning from the start. The development really happened when the company in 1970 became Massey Ferguson distributor. Else and Kai is still active in the business, but have given the daily management to their son, Lars S. Kristiansen.

“As an agricultural machinery company we act in an ever changing world, where it is not alone important to always have the company’s vision in sight, but also to have a well-planned strategy plan, so that not only management but also employees knows how the vision shall be realized. We have through a longer period of time sought a sparring partner, who could “hold our hand” in this process of developing a strategy plan. Through our trade association, Dansk Maskinhandlerforening, we where presented to Vinderstrategi A/S, who was the trade organization’s partner in the development of the report “”Maskinhandleren i år 2020 – Scenarier for fremtidens maskinhandlere i Danmark”. When Dansk Maskinhandlerforening in collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S arranged for a 3-day strategy course, we saw the opportunity to get the help that we needed in order to realize our business plan. Our meeting with Vinderstrategi A/S has definitely been a very positive experience. Their commitment and understanding of bringing theory into practice and their refreshing calls in between the strategy days as meant that we have not alone build the foundation for our own business plan, but also gained the tools necessary to get the plan implemented in our company.”

Adm. direktør – Per Wilbork-Hansen – HjemmeHjælpen A/S

Our company, HjemmeHjælpen A/S has since 2004 worked by 4 explicit values: quality awareness, collaboration, respectfulness and flexibility. Together with 100 caring employees we are a flexible and cost-free alternative to public home care. Our employees consists of social-workers, social-assistants, service employees, nurses, that together with our group leaders secure that you will get the best care.

“After the company was bought in 2010 we needed to make a thorough strategy and business plan, so that we could gain some clear goals and become even more effective. At the time where Vinderstrategi A/S became involved the company was undertaking big development – with large organizational changes and a lot of new customer relationships. Vinderstrategi A/S’s tasks were to develop the new strategy and business plan in collaboration with me, and afterwards develop a clear action plan med activities necessary to attain the desired goal for the company. With a clear structure, containing all business elements, we created an overview of the strategic work. With help from tools and models the whole strategic situation was analyzed and together the strategic direction was created. The action plan was very concrete and measureable – so that it was not just words on paper. It is a tool that we effectively use in the hunt towards future goals. The strategy process was very effective and time-saving for me as owner of the company, when we at the same time had a busy daily operation. I can warmly recommend others to use the strategy process in collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S – I have even planned to use Vinderstrategi A/S in my other company, cleaning company Sort til Hvidt®

References concerning strategic counselling and sparring

CEO – Torben Nielsen – Kopenhagen Fur

At the centre of the international fur trade is Kopenhagen Fur. An exclusive, well-established luxury brand as well as the largest fur auction house in the world. Owned by Danish fur breeders, Kopenhagen Fur is the leading provider of fur, recognized for its exceptional quality. Decades of experience and the volume of fur skins attribute to Kopenhagen Fur’s reputation as the only auction house in the world which can make the fine grading and labelling systems to ensure the ultimate in high quality.

”In relation to the yearly follow-up on newly started activities outside of the company’s core competences, Kopenhagen Fur asked Vinderstrategi A/S to run through previous results in relation to resources and strategies. Vinderstrategi A/S completed the task very professionally and with great insight, primarily grounded in in-depth conversations with stakeholders in the activity, with the focus of covering stakeholders’ interests and also in order to compare results. Vinderstrategi A/S’ report has afterwards been used as a valuable tool for adjusting strategy and actions plans for the activity. We would with out a doubt use Vinderstrategi A/S for same types of assignments in the future.”

CEO – Christian Sørensen – Bosweel A/S

The ambition of Bosweel is to create the ultimate men’s shirt. We do this by constantly adjusting comfort and fit with style and cut. We combine generations of experience from the craft with high demands to materials and sewing. This secures a shirt where flip, colors and additional material can handle the everyday life and washing without loosing its fit. Bosweel has been improving the craftsmanship since 1973. Colors and cut has been various through the years, but our ambition to create the best men’s shirt has remained. The company has it grounds in Herning and is today run by the 3rd generation of shirt manufactures.

“In relation to concrete organizational problems in my organization I have worked with Vinderstrategi A/S – Mikael Vest. Together we have adjusted Bosweel’s strategy and organizational structure.” “It has been a road with learning – where I have perceived Mikael Vest as empathetic and sincerely interested in our specific relationship. I will especially highlight Mikael’s ability to follow-up on things that has been decided or just discussed. This highlights the fact that Vinderstrategi A/S does not let an assignment go before it has been completely solved.” “As Mikael Vest also has a pragmatic background and experience from management positions, he is competent of supplying theoretical knowledge with practical examples, which has been tested and works” “The collaboration with Vinderstrategi A/S has been very giving and we have been able to solve the desired tasks.“

Administrative director – Jens Jørgen Kollerup – Fan Milk International A/S

Fan Milk group operates in seven West-African countries. For more than 50 years the group has produced and sold cheap frozen dairy and juice products directly to the consumer, through a unique street-vender system. Through consistent leadership and innovation the company has adjusted to the local environment and proven their business model to be sustainable for long-term growth. Through the years the company has created thousands of workplaces and today the company has 1400 employees, the company is engaged with 25.000 agents and suppliers. The Fan Milk group contributes positively to all stakeholders in the community they operate in.

“We have worked closely with Mikael Vest, Vinderstrategi A/S, regarding Fan Milk International A/S’s newest strategy. Initially we experienced that Mikael thoroughly acquired insights into our situation and he was quickly aware of what our company is about. Mikael is very thorough in the preparation and secures a good coordination of expectations. Through the implementation of the strategy seminar Mikael was clearly sharp in both theory and practice and also offers relevant tools, which add great value. Mikael masters to keep plans, deadlines and prioritizes well between different tasks. The result is that we partly have achieved a clarity in the total strategy for the coming year, and partly have a sharp and clear strategy overview – so clear that it has been used directly in the following budgeting.”

Owner– Toke Allentoft – Franchise Consult & ChainIndex

ChainIndex ties franchise connections and counselling regarding franchising. ChainIndex’s purpose is to enlighten potential franchisees about franchising, give specific information regarding specific franchise offerings and assist franchise-owners in the recruitment of new franchisees.

“I have with great pleasure worked with Mikael Vest, Vinderstrategi A/S both before, during and after my time as administrative director at Dansk Franchise Forening. Mikael has in several occasions contributed successfully to conferences e.g. about franchise financing. In constructive author collaboration, Mikael Vest has contributed to the book “Franchising”, which as a book for companies show the methods for building a franchise system. Both in my own company and in the franchise association I have had the pleasure of receiving strategic sparring from an always engaged and committed Mikael Vest. His professional knowledge is something I highly appreciate. Mikael is still a person that I safely ask for advise and sharp analysis.”

Administrative director – Henrik Kaspersen – Dansk AMP A/S (NU GXG Markets A/S)

GXG Markets was established in 1998. GXG Markets focuses on small and medium sized companies, and their need for gaining growth capital and creating profitable opportunities.

“I have worked with Mikael in relation to strategy development in Dansk AMP. Mikael’s creativity and sharp views was a kick-starter for the strategy process, his ideas have strongly contributed to create coherence and underline the potential in the business case. Mikael has functioned as a valuable sparring partner for me in a sometimes difficult process. His energetic approach to the work has created the fundamentals for the positive results, and I can warmly recommend Mikael for other leaders who are facing strategic changes – including sales of a company.”

Administrative director – Helle Ørsted – ChangePeople

ChangePeople helps companies to find people and candidates for the right companies. A classic search and selection – especially within the field of IT. We originate from ChangeGroup, who is a special supplier within consultancy based IT-expertise for both public and private owned companies. Even though ChangePeople is new on paper, we are not born yesterday. We have had many years of experience with finding the right people for the right tasks. The sum of these experiences is what makes it valuable for our customers, whether you are seeking a job or seeking employees.

“Sanne facilitated in an effective way the tasks of clarified our newly started company’s values and processes through an exciting workshop. The workshop started with a creative and innovative phase, where all ideas and thoughts where uncritically brought up. Afterwards we made plans for implementation of the ideas and later on we went though the plans critically and discussed and prioritized the plans. The result was a prioritized plan for a line of activities that needed to be implemented in the first year of the company. Sanne’s personality and commitment ensured that the spirit was high all the way through.”

CEO and Managing Partner – Ole Stiig Petersen – Lisberg Executive Search A/S

Through years of experience with Danish and Scandinavian company culture we have build a unique competence in recruiting managers and specialists to Danish and other companies– rooted in the Danish corporate culture. Our mission is to create value for our customers and candidates by securing the best match between the positions demand and requirements and the candidates competencies, wishes and compensations.

“We completed a BoardCheck from VInderstrategi A/S in the spring of 2013. The tool was simple and pragmatic oriented and we have had great pleasure of working with it. It has concretely contributed to an adjustment of our strategic direction and a recognition of the need for alignment in the board as well as the need for strengthening the board with more qualified people on some of the seats in the board.”

Landowner – Harald Krabbe – Frederiksdal Gods and Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin P/S

The first meating was random – and did not concern cherries… But Harald had beautiful cherry plants in a unique corner of Denmark. And Jan and Morten had knowledge and ideas for the production of sweet vines. They both shared the desire to move Danish agriculture away from bulk production and into a new universe, where quality was at the heart. After some years attempt the cherry vine from Frederiksdal Gods was created.

“I have worked together with Mikael and Vinderstrategi A/S in three different companies; Frederiksdal Gods, Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin P/S and in the trade organization for Danish berries fusion with Gasa Odense. In all 3 cases I have experienced a sparring partner who managed, both on a personal and professional level, to have focus on the relevant and dismiss all the unnecessary without emotional attachments – and thus avoid both personal and professional errors. It gives a sense of calmness and is an effective way to faster results. We experience a lot of loyalty and willingness to collaborations as well as a positive communication with respect for differences. Mikael’s and Vinderstrategi A/S’ values in business ethics are of high standard and this is something we appreciate. Everybody needs someone else to look at your company with fresh and impartial eyes. Mikael and Vinderstrategi A/S are able to see the core of the company, see the possibilities, simplify processes so that they are possible to implement, and structure the tasks so that it can be executed. I can recommend Mikael and Vinderstrategi A/S to anybody who wishes to move forward with their company.”

Farm owner, vice mayor – Hans Bang-Hansen – Håstrupgård ApS

Håstrupgård is attached to Danavl. The vision is to produce the best breeding in the world, and at the same time be known for the well-being of both animals and humans. Håstrupgård is primarily directed at dynamic intermediaries, feeding-business and slaughterhouses that are interested in long-term relations. Committed employees, modern technology and ethical approaches create the foundation for Håstrupgård to be the preferred partner. Especially when it comes to health, lean meat and the least possible impact on the environment.

“I have known Mikael for many years, first as an appreciated division director in Jyske Bank, Horsens. Here I experienced how Mikael created excitement and commitment towards the bank, both from personnel and customers. Afterwards we have had the pleasure of working with Mikael in connection with the strategic work and board collaboration in Håstrupgård ApS. We have experienced that Mikael is well prepared with a fantastic drive and structure. We experienced that Mikael is quick to familiarize himself with the company and at the same time draw useful parallels to other types of companies.”

Furniture manufacturer – John Bech Pedersen – O.P. Møbler A/S

O.P. Møbler A/S is a family owned furniture manufacturer, it was founded in Nykøbing Mors in 1985 and has made comfort, craftsmanship and quality to its trademark. The furniture is produced through all the way correct methods, where the quality and processes is in focus. We have strict quality demands towards our suppliers of materials, towards out employees who have many years of experience and have responsibility for each product they produce. We collect and control each piece of furniture before it is packed and send.

“Mikael’s competences, as board member and strategic sparring partner, are an important asset for our company. He contributes with a mix of great practical experience, a unique knowledge regarding strategy and a theoretical toolbox. Mikael’s high level of energy ensures that we never waste our time and Mikael has a special ability to quickly asses and understand the company and contribute with valuable inputs to e.g. the process regarding a generation shift or seeing new opportunities for our company.”

Administrative director and owner – Sanne Krøier – Krøier Service A/S

Krøier Service A/S increases effectiveness at the construction site. We offer quality service in the capital area of Denmark. We solve tasks that covers security procurements, logistics, renovations, snow removal, special tasks etc. Our employees are competent, responsible and positive. You will always get committed and professional service at Krøier Service A/S.

“Mikael Vest has been board member in Krøier Service A/S since May 2009. Mikael is a kind and engaged person, who likes to share knowledge and experience. His greatest strength is his open and curious approach to life and other people. Mikael do not judge, but listens and always see’s the positive aspects of people and situations. Mikael is a listening and open person that always gives room to others and their opinions, you feel safe to grow in his company. Mikael is committed to what he is doing and he always commits 100% when he enters a new assignment. He uses his network of people, companies and competences – to joy for all parties. As a board chairman Mikael shows responsibility and engagement. Mikael is always well prepared and he leads the board meeting with structure and humor. I can give Mikael my warm recommendation and are looking forward to many years with future collaborations.”

References regarding WinningcompanyCheck

Director  – Alf Sand Simonsen – Hjortkær Maskinfabrik A/S

At HJORTKÆR machinery factory we work with the design and construction of water treatment equipment. In all cases we contribute with solution to be used in wet environments also in the food industry as well as all other industries with the need for effective processes. Our solutions are based on a mix of own development and fabrications and also a line of agencies.

“It is a very useful tool, both as an indication and plan for some goals we need to move forward with… We can already now move forward plus part of the results can have an effect/confirm the other leadership members in the work that needs to be done, as well as create focus for the future.”

Owner – Søren Schødt – SCHØDT A/S

At SCHØDT we care about construction in all aspects. We wish to make a difference both in terms of customers and towards the industry that we are a part of. SCHØDT is specialized in solving construction technical tasks in construction projects. We have experience in a broad field, both in terms of the specific tasks as well as the scale of the project. Even though we have great differences in projects we always seek to create unified implementation of the projects. The unified implementation makes the project material easy to access, and makes the customers feel safe.

”It gives the overall picture and the possibility to focus the future activities”.

Souschef – Karen Hastrup – Højgaards Maskinfabrik ApS

We [Højgaard Maskinfabrik ApS] are a blacksmithing company with more than 40 years of experience. We offer individual solutions. The special store [Højgaards Specialbutik] is part of Højgaards Machine Factory. The store has been established due to the need of the Maschinery factory’s customer demands, primarily demands for spare parts for agriculture. Through the years the store has been grounded so that we offer professional sales, advice and reparation to different segments.

”In the optimal reality WinningcompanyCheck is like sending your almost newly acquired bicycle to a service check. Hopefully the strategy is clear and also the knowledge of how it should be implemented as something you do – a practice. WinningcompanyCheck asks the right questions, short and precise. Afterwards you will gain just as precise answers to where you need to look at yourself, colleagues and the company as a whole. In the optimal reality, a reminder of the positive and time saving kind. At Højgaards Maskinfabrik ApS, WinningcompanyCheck has been used to look at where we need to focus our strategic work. WinningcompanyCheck can warmly be recommended for companies that work actively with strategy.”

Director – Peter Larsen-Leddet – Danske Prydplanter

Danske Prydplanter is the trade organization for production and sale of ornamentals. Danske Prydplanters primary purpose is to serve and advise members on their production and marketing related areas, as well as handle the interests if members and the industry towards governments and other industries both in Denmark and abroad.

”WinningcompanyCheck is a “fun” tool, that can be used on different levels. Partly as an inspiration to what you are not doing today but also a tool that can be used if you wish to improve activities in different areas of your business.”

References regarding strategy guest speaking

Head of Communication – Lone Granzow Andersen – Væksthus Syddanmark

Companies can get a plan for growth and turned challenges into opportunities at Væksthusene, paid by the Danish government. Væksthusene is established in order to help Danish companies create growth, export and jobs. Væksthusene plays a central role in the government´s globalization strategy from 2006 and shall ensure that Denmark has one of the highest number of growth companies in 2020.

“In relation to a 3 day seminar in Varde, Middelfart and Svendborg in the international entrepreneurship campaign, Væksthus Syddanmark had booked Mikael Vest to hold an inspirational talk concerning growth strategy and also to contribute to a debate afterwards. In all 3 locations Mikael Vest gave an energetic and engaged talk, with focus on the participants reality and situation. He understood how to get the message across and made it down to earth and pragmatic – a fine art. Mikael’s large knowledge and practical experience in combination with his sharp attitudes created dynamic and power in both presentation and debate. Our satisfaction with the collaboration both before, during and after grants him our greatest recommendations.”

Administrative director – Anne-Mette Ravn – Hartmanns A/S

Hartmanns is a modern consultancy house that brings you further in your carrier, organization and job life. Hartmanns Consultancy house is a catalyst for the modern job market. We work everyday to create success en individuals job life, through recruitment, counselling, temps and Newplacement – and thus also meet public and private companies need for qualified employees and task solving.

“Hartmanns were seeking a guest speaker in strategy for our strategy day and summer-party. We choose Mikael due to his great interest in our company and our strategy-foundation when we first met him. He managed to ask constructive and well-thought questions regarding our strategy and visions, in order to create an overall picture of us to structure the most relevant lecture for our situation. We agreed that the lecture should be understood and generate interest in all organizational levels, and Mikael understood how to speak about strategy as a term in a very understandable and entertaining way. Mikael’s theoretical foundation shines from him both in the first meetings but also in his lecture to the organization. We can definitely recommend Mikael as a guest speaker, but also as a consultant to strategy work in your organization.”

Partner – Thomas Reenberg – PricewaterhouseCoopers, Manager, Advisory

PwC are an assurance, tax and advisory firm in Denmark and member of the global PwC network. PwC has more than 180.000 employees in 158 countries all over the world. There are 16 offices In PwC Denmark covering the whole country. Here 1700 employees are ready to help customers in the 3 main areas: assurance, tax and advisement.

“I have several times enjoyed Mikael speaking about strategy. Mikael is very knowledgeable about strategy concepts and how you implement in practice to become winner in your environment. Mikael’s strategy session’s gives a lot of inspiration, are conceptual strong and at the same time practical oriented. Mikael is personally a strong performer on scene always including humor as a stimulation instrument. Participant evaluations I have seen is ranked at highest level – excellent”

Regional chef – André Elm, Regionschef – CONNECT Danmark

CONNECT Denmark is a national non-profit organization, consisting of 900 people from 400 companies in all aspects of Danish businesses. CONNECT Denmarks members are talents, leaders and companies who wishes to create growth. Members come from Danish businesses, a range of research institutions and public organizations. CONNECT Denmark is the only company to offer a network of information sharing between experienced business people and small/medium sized companies. CONNECT Denmark offers sparring to companies with a large growth potential and a range of inspirational activities for members.

”Mikael conducted a very exciting and inspiring lecture, and managed to cover the whole strategy process in an easy understandable way. You are not in doubt of Mikael’s great competences in the field of strategy, among other things, because of his ability to combine theory med more pragmatic approaches to strategy. He transforms theory into practice in a way that gives participants inspiration and great desire to work with strategy. Mikael has an ability to “freestyle”, which means that the basic foundations for strategy is so well grounded that the tailored lecture is constantly adapted to the participants wishes and questions. Moreover, Mikael handles the participants’ questions in the best way, and stems from his own experiences. He has clear attitudes, which gives additional power to the lecture. I can definitely recommend the lecture to all companies that wish inspiration and to create structure and overview in the strategic work.”

Business Manager – Dan Skovgaard – Favrskov Erhvervsråd

Favrskov Erhvervsråd offers free business services, member activities and growth-generating projects for all companies located in Favrskov Municipality whom wants growth and development. Our free business services are targeted at established companies that has surpassed the entrepreneurial start-up phase.

”Mikael Vest (Vinderstrategi A/S) has in the fall of 2010 been speaker at a seminar for companies in Favrskov Municipality under the theme “The professional board”. As key speaker at the seminar, which was very well visited, Mikael also greatly touched upon the subject of “strategy in winning companies”. Mikael left the participants with a very positive impression and a great insight and understanding of the discussed subjects, as well as a willingness and motivation to continue the work in their own companies. Afterwards Mikael has also been in dialogue with several of the participating companies. I can warmly recommend using Mikael Vest as a speaker in the fields of strategy and board-work, you are not in doubt that he is also able to inspire in many other areas.

References regarding books

Managing Director – Kristian Ravn – Semco Maritime Norge A/S

Semco Maritime is a project engineering company dedicated to deliver in the global energy sector with projects, solutions and manpower. We believe in setting the bar high, challenging our people and deliver solutions of the highest quality all over the world.

”Strategy in Winning Companies has been a unique tool for me in relation to strategy processes that I have made. One of the reasons that this book works for me is the fact that it is well structured and the process is captured in one model; it is logical and easy to remember. But the most important reason is the authors’ way of working with “critical success criteria”, that ensures focus is at the right things in the implementation process. Strategy in Winning Companies gets my warmest recommendations.”

 Professor, ph.d. – Per Nikolaj Bukh – Aalborg Universitet

Per Nikolaj Bukh (Cand.Oecon., Ph.d.) is professor in financial management at Aalborg University. He primarily deals with strategy and design of leadership and financial management models in both private and public companies. His core competences includes strategy mapping, benchmarking, activity based costing and incentive schemes.

“In Danish Jørgen Lægaard and Mikael Vest’s ”Strategy in winning companies” is an excellent book. The very concrete models in the book provides a solid foundation for strategic positioning and analysis, which can form the basis for the strategic mapping.”

Publishing Manager – Susanne Svendsen – JP/Politikens Forlagshus A/S

JP/Politikens Hus publishes, among many others, the three national spread newspapers Ekstra Bladet, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten og Politikken. Our activities include free newspapers, local newspapers in Denmark and Sweden, book publishing, television production, operations and development of a number of digital activities and news services, as well as other services related to the core business; Dissemination of news, debate and entertainment in all media. In this connection the group also operates printing and distribution companies.

“Mikael is not as most writers. He is more stubborn, more dedicated and more determined, but most of all he is a fascinating innovator with a sharp analytical sense, a rare courage and ability to infect others with his enthusiasm. But no more books of 500 pages, okay? :-)”

Administrative director – Susanne Stuhr – Femilet A/S

Femilet is a Danish company, which has existed since 1923. In 2010 Femilet was bought by Groupe Chantelle in France, and is now a part of a bigger lingerie group. Through the years Femilet has developed itself to become a market oriented company with focus on design, sale and marketing of fashionable lingerie, underwear, bathing suits and nightwear. All products are designed and constructed by the development department of Femilet in Denmark. Femilet wishes to create lingerie that creates a sense of well-being from within.

“If only I had had this book in 1999, when Femilet established its first concept store in Vejle! The books strength is definitely the very easy structure, which makes it possible to use the book as an encyclopedia. A really good book, that in my opinion describes franchising in an foreseeable and in-depth way.”