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Vinderstrategi A/S

Vinderstrategi A/S is among the very small group of companies who solely advice within the field of strategy.

The advantage for our customers is a provable value creation. We are capable of customizing and designing services focussed on each specific company´s situation. The companies that we work with experience a structured strategy advisement, which embrace all aspects of the business and are focused on the future. This means that the strategic work is easier to both implement and execute.

Strategy is our core competence and we are probably the only strategy consultants who build a bridge between the theoretical and practical world, through dedicated and cultivated approaches. As a result hereof we base our advisement on a long list of own concepts, models and tools, that we know work! We further master both classical models as well as new models like “Blue Ocean”.

Vinderstrategi A/S´ strategic advisors have been involved in more than 300 strategic development projects and we are with this experience capable of identifying high performance patterns. We gladly pass these on to our customers.

We define strategy as:

“The road to the goal through a pattern of actions creating competitiveness and added value”

Acuity and coherence in strategy

When a company wishes to be stronger and clearer in the strategic work we base our approaches on a list of concrete strategy services which all have the purpose of bringing the company further with a healthy strategic foundation.

The figure below illustrates our overall view of strategy.

Hvordan fastholder du struktur og overblik i strategiarbejdet?

We see strategy as being comprised of 1) strategic analysis, 2) strategic intention, and 3) strategic action.

We define a Winning Strategy® as:

“A Winning Strategy® is an ambitious and incisive strategy that describes where the company will be in a few years, and the significant actions, core competence(s) and ´not to do’s´ necessary to get there.”

We define a Winning Company® as:

“A Winning Company® is a company that through its strategic planning and dynamic execution of its Winning Strategy® becomes tomorrow’s winner, and hereby creates significant results that can be measured on the four bottom lines: economy, customers, community and employees.”

Regardless of the exact service desired, our theoretical foundation is based on “Structure of Strategy – the Red Thread” from the book “Strategy in Winning Companies” written by Mikael Vest, Vinderstrategi A/S.

Structure of Strategy – the Red Thread

“Structure of Strategy – the Red Thread” contains the combination of the market perspective (outside-in) as well as the resource perspective (inside-out) The company can, by using the combined perspective, adapt to changes in its environment and pursue market opportunities while adapting its own resources and developing competency-based competitive advantages.

The strategy is put together and tailored in such a way that it fits precisely to the strategic situation and challenge(s) of the company. Comprehensive and execution-focused development of the strategy of the company increases its capacity to achieve strategic intentions and goals.

See a selection of strategy services offered.

Strategic advice is needed in all industries

Working and thinking strategically is important for all companies in all industries. We are proud to be working in many industries and are able to use inspiration from one industry in another. Often, we even go as far as calling it innovation!

The industries we work with include:

  • Fashion
  • IT
  • Furniture
  • Agriculture
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Entertainment
  • Recruitment
  • Consulting

We have a niche covering companies with many owners and therefore with many interests to balance. These include partnerships, industry associations and franchise-based companies.

For further information, please see a selection of recommendations and references.