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Strategi- og forretningsplan

The Strategy and Business Plan service is intended to ensure that the strategy and business plan of the company is complete with situational analysis, core competencies, important needs for change, vision, mission, values, strategic goals, efforts, milestones and economic results.

Developing a strategy and business plan creates significant value for the company. The process in itself has a positive effect. The strategy and business plan can also serve as a tool for communication with financial partners such as banks and/or potential investors, or maybe even with potential strategic partner alliances. We generally have had positive experiences with this type of communications and we are more than willing to share it.

All together, Vinderstrategi A/S reads between 100 and 120 different strategy and business plans per year. Vinderstrategi A/S is deeply involved in a large share of these and contributes to making them even sharper.

The benefits to the company include:

  • Effective and time-saving summary of the company’s strategy
  • A comprehensive overview of the company’s potential, established by means of a set of thoroughly tested tools
  • A plan that facilitates execution
  • An even sharper strategy and business plan, as the company gets professional sparring with a 100% dedicated partner whose core competency is strategy and business plans
  • A basis for presentations to external stakeholders

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