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Vinderstrategi A/S - din strategikonsulent

Our work is based on passion and not duty. Below is a small outline of which differences you will experience when working with Vinderstrategi A/S compared to other suppliers of strategy services.

  • You will experience attitude and engagement beyond the ordinary. We have knowledge, experiences and opinions that we happily share. You can clearly feel our passion for strategy and for helping companies.
  • You will experience drive! We adjust and provide the resources and competences necessary – nothing more or less.
  • You will experience flexibility with respect to the task. We will solve the task with determination and within the frames of the company. We respect the wishes of the company regarding the strategy work as well as take existing strategy work into account. With other words, we are agile in relation to your situation.
  • You will experience counselling and sparring anchored in more than 300 strategic development projects and practical experience with strategic management.

This can be summarized in 10 principles that we base our value creation for our customers upon (click on the picture for a larger version).

Vinderstrategi A/S is recognized as being larger and ambitious companies most attractive strategic advisor, who ensures documentable results for each winning company,

We deliver tailored winning strategies in cooperation/collaboration with ambitious, bold, and strong-willed corporate managers.

We contribute to solve companies needs to successfully navigate in a changing world, set attractive goals – and develop an executable plan to achieve them.

  • Joy
  • Drive
  • ”We-ness”
  • Sharpness
  • Authenticity

Our motto is ”It’s better to be something to someone, than nothing to everyone”.


We also call our advice as professional discussion because we have strong opinions and lots of experience – and we communicate both. One of our strongly held opinions is that companies should have and display good etiquette.

We have opinions and when working with us, you will experience advice with an edge. You will get competent suggestions, discussions, new information, inspiration and not least independent evaluations. It is our ambition to contribute to building the key competencies required for the strategic efforts of the company, so that the company itself can overcome strategic obstacles in the future.

Your company can let itself be inspired by the world’s best boxers, who carefully select their advisers and sparring partners before they fight important matches! – Choose your advisor and sparring partner and contact Vinderstrategi A/S.

You can also question us for further information, explanations, examples and introductions to our key concepts.

Vinderstrategi A/S benytter et etisk kodeks


We work hard to contribute, help and meet your wishes and needs. Read more about the team behind Vinderstrategi A/S on our Danish website.

Board of Directors

At Vinderstrategi A/S we have our own professional board of directors, consisting of enthusiasts all with unique areas of expertise and work experience. The board of directors have several purposes, among other things to contribute to the company´s strategic development and strenghten Vinderstrategi A/S´ marketposition. Learn more about our board of directors on our Danish website.

Branch agreements

The need for being sharp within the field of strategywork is the foundation for a long number of cooperations between different branch associations and Vinderstrategi A/S. Read more about the exiting branch agreements on our Danish website.


You can learn more about our formalities, such as our bank informations, memberships and our CSR policy on our Danish website.

The press

You can find information on the medias coverage of Vinderstrategi A/S, articles and logoes for downloading on our Danish website.


You can read more about our GDPR on our Danish Website.