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Vinderstrategi A/S makes a difference…

Vinderstrategi A/S offer established companies and growth companies a sharp, targeted strategy, enabling their transformation into winning companies; hence the name Vinderstrategi A/S, which in Danish means: ”Winner Strategy®”.

You will receive targeted winning strategies through strategic advisements and sparring on top-executive level and in collaboration with brave, ambitious and determined business leaders. We transform words into actions by:

  • Creating winning companies in collaboration with our customers, as we always combine knowledge, compassion and lots of experience!
  • Creating transparency and a strong ground for decision-making, as we ensure a red threat in the strategic work!
  • Creating tailored strategic analyses and intentions for practical action plans which works and ads value for stakeholders, as we apply unique models and tools.

The potential and answers is already existing in your organisation. We are skilled in asking the right questions and facilitating the answers. Together we create a Winning Company®. Our core competence is making strategy work! Read more →

Vinderstrategi A/S makes a difference…

Vinderstrategi A/S offers larger companies and growth companies a sharper targeted strategy with the aim of making them a winning company. Therefore the name Vinderstrategi A/S

Watch video describing the unique Winner Strategy® concept.

“We chose Vinderstrategi A / S because of the unique concept”

– CEO, Jørgen Stensgaard, Waoo A/S

Customer statements…

The best guaranty for value creation is satisfied customers – read an out pick of our customer references.

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