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Tjek af din virksomhedsstrategi

StrategyCheck is a strategy diagnostic tool which is an internet-based qualitative situational analysis designed to measure the level, direction and speed of the strategic efforts of the company.

The diagnostic tool consists of a set of questions developed by Vinderstrategi A/S for this specific purpose. The result can, for example, be used as the basis for a strategy seminar, for designing a strategy process, or for prioritizing and focusing on what strategy efforts needs more work. The diagnostic tool is based on principles described in the book “Strategy in Winning Companies”, co-authored by Mikael Vest, Vinderstrategi A/S, and on practical experience accumulated by Vinderstrategi A/S.

A group completes the diagnostic tool. Typically, the group consists of the members of the board and/or top management. The diagnostic tool is completed individually and it is important that questions are answered spontaneously and without coordination.

The benefits for the company include:

  • A clear image of how well defined the current strategy is, and an assessment of the level of agreement in the group
  • Identification of aspects of the strategy in need of clarification
  • Overview of strengths and areas of possible improvement
  • Background material for future strategy efforts

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