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 Strategisk rådgivning og sparring

Strategic advice and professional sparring is intended to contribute to the growth and development of the company. If the company is facing a strategic challenges that you wish to get advice and professional sparring about, we are readily available. This could for example be in connection to succession, sale of the company, development of new business activities or concepts, or simply a wish to get the company started on its next growth phase.

We also provide advice to investment companies and private equity funds on strategic analyses of their portfolio companies. This can, for example, be an analysis of the company’s value chain and core competencies, an analysis of industry attractiveness or potential profitability.

The benefits for the company include:

  • An external resource with strategy as a core competency
  • A sharp focus on the relevant aspects of strategy
  • The opportunity to receive candid feedback
  • An effective and time-saving approach
  • A 2nd opinion on the strategy of the company

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